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Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Employee s statement of sickness About this form Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is money paid by employers to their employees who satisfy the conditions for payments when they are
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Add To Favorites More about this form How the form is used Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is money paid by employers to their employees who satisfy the conditions for payments when they are...
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Hi boys and girls it's miss Emma don't forget to join me for some online lessons at my speedy SSP calm most of the lessons there for catching up on reading and spelling so if people aren't reading and spelling confidently and independently then those lessons are fantastic but for today let's have a look at forming our letters of the alphabet, so we need to make sure we're holding froggy legs first so holding our pencils correctly we're going to use the WWI letter throat formation phrases along with the sound pics from SSP if you're using SSP then you'll be using these levels through the five SSP levels to learn to read right into spell, but these are the cards you can get for the letter formation because we find these really help let's go sit can you draw the letter slither down the snake ah attend ant draw the letter round the Apple up and down the leaf app tap down there tower across the tower and pan down his plant up around his head he put in pin down his body and top for his head the pin is spinning MMM app nap down Toby up over his net MMM yum yum down Maisie over the mountain over the mountain dew up duck it's took doc round his bottom up his tall neck and down to his feet good and Jerry gentle giant Eagles round her face down her hair and give her a curl Oh hot dog all around the orange and at cat Edit scent curl around the caterpillar it at kitchen down the Kangaroos body tail and leg hair at and end is the end of the rainbow lift off the top and scoop out the egg ah up juggle down and under up to the top and draw the puddle her or at rat down his back then kill over his arm so dancing rat Oh at hat it's a cat in a hat down the head to the hooves and over his back but egg big black cook at a cat big black cat down the laces to the hill round the toe her auger frog down the stem and draw the leaves Oh patents it all pencil down the long leg Joe jump down his body curl and dot the van down a wing upper wing hardhat in Irwin woo down up but ox box down the arm and leg and repeat the other side yeah your L yell e her up e i o I down a horn and under his head ooh zoo zigzag big qua eaten queen round her head past her earrings and down her hair we're finished you make sure you join me for our reading and spelling lessons we can dance and sing with the clowns and have fun with the speech sound frog and what do we always start off with we're going to be taking some pictures of our speech sounds these are the first ones we're going to learn are you ready they're going to whiz ah MMM your teacher will check that you know how to use froggy legs ah look here she's using fantastic froggy legs perhaps she's writing and can you remember what we say there's a read write Inc phrase that we use for this we say slither down the snake ah round the Apple down the leaf down the tower across the tower down his plat around his head he down his body and dot for his head mm down knobby up over his net well I've got you room look at all these that work of the...
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